Computing 0-day Clothing
Welcome to our particular Hall of Fame. This photo album contains pictures of some geek celebrities wearing our tees, photos you guys have sent from all over the planet, as well as some of our wanna-be professional pictures wearing our favourite Guy Fawkes mask. Please send us your pictures and get a $5 discount voucher!
Dan Kaminsky (@dakami). California. Fyodor (Nmap's creator). Las Vegas, Nevada. Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer). Borrowed from Zoe Rose, United Kingdom. (@5683Monkey) Nmap Project, Las Vegas (@nmap) Enrique Rovira, United Kingdom. (@e_rovira) Malik (@merchntm) TeeCee (@TeeCeeTech) Jeremy Ey, Cookeville, TN (@kayakerscout) e dot exe (@e_dot_exe) Enrique Rovira, United Kingdom. (@e_rovira) pancak3 (@pancak3lullz) ChristChurch Cathedral, New Zealand Amalfi Coast, Italy Chanel Gruner. Sydney, Australia. (@PlugMeInBaby) Xavi, Madrid, Spain Big_G (@B1gGaGa) Junior Penetration Tester - BARIS SAGDIC TR,ISTANBUL. Madrid, Spain Zack Mayo, Charlotte, North Carolina. (@zrmayo) Order arrived! Tom Sellers, Jackson, Mississippi. (@TomSellers) Enigma Alexandre. Pontevedra, Spain. (@alexandrev) Iria Quiroga. Pontevedra, Spain. (@iriaq) Pierre Bernard. Paris, France. Kassel, Germany Moscow, Russia Enigma: 9 out of 10 officers recommend it. Pierre Bernard. Paris, France Alice, Bob, Eve... Toni Giordano. Naples, Italy. John the Ripper Never Trust the Warden Production tests for our Schneier tees Fyodor (Nmap's creator). California. Madrid, Spain. Memento Park. Budapest, Hungary. Cole. Franklin, MA. (@fadetobright) Celil Unuver (@celilunuver) Miguel Angel Martinez (Guadalajara, Mexico) Zeena (@hizeena). Ontario, Canada Tom Sellers, Jackson, Mississippi. (@TomSellers) Netmonk (@netmonker) Alice and Bob I Love john.pot Buy Enigma John the Ripper Diff, patch and rocknroll Long Story Short: SYN, ACK, FIN. Enigma Machine Pixelous World I Love john.pot 0-Day 0-Day Killing the 0-day Industry Release the Mutexes Turing Test Bruce Schneier Fact Trinity uses Nmap Bruce Schneier Fact Port Numbers Be root Trust the Math Fear the Botnet Fear the Man in the Middle Freedom for the Mallocs 0-Day Release the Mutexes