Computing 0-day Clothing
Welcome. Please take off your hat (black or white, here we don't care) This section is for hackers, pentesters, exploit developers, script kiddies, security paranoids, old school phreakers, botnet controllers and ISO 27001 dickheads. Watch your log trail and mind the IDS or you'll end up isolated in our honeynet. Have fun.
Own the Phone Security Through Obscurity Ransomware Down with the Great Firewall SQL Injection Password Requirements Fear the Honeypot Fear the DDoS Attack Sniff Packets Not Drugs 0-Day Fear the Trojan Horse Port Scanning is Not a Crime Fear the Botnet The Man in the Middle Keep Calm and Wipe the Logs Killing the 0-day Industry Be r00t Evil John the Ripper Hacker Culture OR 1=1 Phreaking Trinity uses Nmap Exploit time! Promiscuous Mode 2600 Blue Box Hackman and Robin 0-day Sunrise Hacker Emblem