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7 Security Podcasts

That Don't Suck

We are all busy and life is too short. If you're going to spend your time listening to a podcast, it needs to be a good one. There are many security podcasts out there, but here's a list of the ones that have great technical content, as well as a high quality production. Enjoy!

Risky Business

This weekly podcast has been around since 2007, which is a big deal in the podcast world, with 600+ episodes published so far. It is hosted by Patrick Gray, an ex-ZDnet journalist specialized in security, and Adam Boileau, a security researcher at Insomnia Security. The podcast is a mix of technical content around zero day vulnerabilities, attacks, ransomware, etc, and security-related news, regulation and international dynamics.

Darknet Diaries

This podcast has a very original format: it narrates a story. Each episode covers a single story. Examples include descriptions of complex intrusions, bios of dark web entrepreneurs, life stories of convicted hackers and cases of international espionage. The podcast is run by Jack Rhysider, an ex-network security engineer, and since it was created in 2017 it has a legion of fans with millions of downloads.

Bruce Schneier Audios

This is not really “a” podcast, but a collection of all the podcasts and shows Bruce Schneier, one of the world’s best cryptographers and a thought leader in the security industry, gets invited to. Schneier masters the art of describing the problems that come out of the intersection between technology, people and security. You may also want to check his blog, and his Crypto-Gram newsletter.

Defensive Security

This podcast, created in 2012, focuses on the study of specific security incidents (intrusions, malware infections, data breaches, etc), and tries to extract lessons learned. Great resource for those looking to prevent stuff from happening in their own organizations. It is hosted by Jerry Bell, the CISO of the Public Cloud organization at IBM, and Andrew Kalat, a security lead at USBank.

Hacking Humans

This podcast focuses on social engineering, and the role humans play in security breaches. It was created in 2018 and is hosted by Dave Bittner, a journalist specialized in technology, and Joe Carrigan, a Security Engineer at Johns Hopkins University.

Off the Hook

This show has been airing since 1998, and it's produced by the folks at the legendary 2600 The Hacker Quarterly magazine. It’s the real deal of the underg old school hacking scene. It’s actually a good old radio show that airs every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM EST in New Y ork City on 99.5 FM, but you can also subscribe online here or access the entire archive of shows here.

Cyber Insecurity

Last but not least, here's something quite different to the other podcasts above. Cyber Insecurity is not really a podcast, but a Twitch stream run by Neil Bridges that covers a very wide range of topics, technical and non-technical (pentesting, attacks, trends, industry certifications, mentorship, job interviews) in many different formats (interviews, deep dives, AMAs) Totally worth listening/watching if you are looking for a different format.


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